Care About Employees and Protect Your Company at the Same Time

Blissbook is a culture-first, digital employee handbook

that helps you teach employees why they should care

in addition to what they can or can’t do.

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“I’m THRILLED to see this happening. [The Blissbook handbook] is absolutely wonderful and will play an important role in preserving our culture and helping employees understand the essentials about working at Infusionsoft. You are making me smile!” – VP at Infusionsoft

We Help You…

  • Increase Employee Engagement

    Improving employee engagement positively affects nearly every success metric a company can measure. If people care about what they do, they’re going to do a better job. Creating a handbook that employees will actually read gives you a chance to convey that information clearly.

  • Onboard Faster

    The most important and lengthiest part of onboarding is aligning people with “how things work around here.” Systematizing this into one, easily accessible document saves you time and money on training.

  • Improve Recruiting Results

    People don’t care what you do, they care why you do it. Advertising why you do things attracts people that believe in what you believe. Hiring candidates that align with your culture reduces turnover and increases engagement.

  • Cover your… well, you know

    A Blissbook handbook protects your company better than any paper handbook ever did. Collect e-signatures and see who viewed and signed their handbook at a glance. Special sections for case-specific content make it easy for employees to access the information they need, when they need it.

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