100% custom & brandable.

Your employees’ experience with Blissbook can be 100% customized and branded for your organization. Your handbook is beautiful and accessible for employees on any device. They don’t even need to know what Blissbook is.

a Blissbook handbook on a desktop computer screen
a Blissbook handbook on a mobile phone screen

Your handbook is fully brandable.

Your content in Blissbook is beautifully designed, mobile-friendly, and fully customizable. In addition to several built-in design tools (custom fonts, colors, etc.), Blissbook allows custom CSS to make your handbook & policies pixel perfect. We can even do the design for you; just send us your brand guidelines.

Because your content is a website (not a PDF), you don’t need a graphic design team to keep your layout from breaking when you change content. It just works!

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Your company culture will shine in Blissbook.

Company culture (your “why”) is defined by your values, purpose, mission, vision, or one of a dozen other words our customers use. No matter what you call it, there’s a design template to make your culture stand out.

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Make your handbook pop with images and videos.

Add images throughout your handbook to make it your own and reflect your company’s culture and brand. Videos can be easily embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia.

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Influence behavior with the power of design.

Blissbook uses a variety of techniques rooted in behavioral psychology to reduce your risk of litigation, improve compliance, and encourage employee engagement.

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Custom domains secured with HTTPS.

Give your account a custom domain, like, so your content is trusted, branded, and easy to find. Custom domains are secured via HTTPS, which keeps IT happy!

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Custom sending email account.

Employees trust email sent through Blissbook because everything looks and feels like it’s coming from you. Set up a custom sending email account and design emails to reflect your brand.

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Skip the sign-in page with SSO.

With Single Sign-On, you can have us send users right to your SSO sign-in page. Employees get an experience they’re used to and are confident they’re securely signing in to an official resource.

Ready for user-friendly policy management?

We’re here to help! Go ahead and try it (free), or we can walk you through it (also free). Either way, we know you’ll love it.