Easy Button Alert!

Avoid awkward HR conversations.

Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of having an awkward conversation, you could give a misguided employee a card that fixes everything (in a caring way)?

That’s these cards!

*Now featuring pandemic policies!

Woman sleeping at her desk with mask that's for her nose/mouth over her eyes instead, with advice on how to wear it properly.
Cupid being dragged out of office by security with a joke about finding love outside the office.
Man hugging a plant, with advice that plants can provide emotional support (rather than a ferret).
Man with a new desk by the bathroom, with advice that it's an opportunity to network with colleagues.
Woman presenting to new hires, using foul language, with advice on more work-approriate swear words she could use.
Tongue-in-cheek dragon trophy with a coupon code for free mints, to give to an employee with bad breath.
Man in bathrobe by water cooler, being told his casual friday outfit is too casual.
Man on toilet working, on video chat, with advice that remote work-anywhere policy should not be taken literally.
Fridge with Grandma's Hangover Recipe stuck to it, with advice on how to come to work on time.
Woman using various social media apps on her computer and phone, with coupon code for free membership to Employee Assistance Program.
Open gift box and mug that says "Future VP" on it, with advice that you need to work here for more than 3 months to get a promotion.
Coupon for free pet taxidermy, showing a mounted taxidermy dog head with 'Cody, best friend ever' plaque, with plea to come back to work.
Computer display showing a video chat app with woman and her cat on screen, with the cat's butt pointed towards the camera, and advice on video chat etiquette.
Note: These cards are for fun. Blissbook is not responsible if you share one with an employee instead of talking to them!
Have an idea for a card? Let us know!

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