Legal Compliance aka C.Y.A.

Be audit-ready (SOC 2 or otherwise).

If litigation, hearings, third-party oversight, or customer audits are a part of your life, Blissbook has your back. Simple, fast reporting will demonstrate the effectiveness and professionalism of your governance.

A signed document in Blissbook

Electronic Signatures

Request and collect legally binding electronic signatures – as many as you’d like, whenever you’d like – from every employee.

A diff of a policy in Blissbook

Version Control

Each policy’s version history tells you exactly what content changed, who published the new content, and when it was published.

Blissbook Handbook in a browser window

Your Digital File Cabinet

Document Everything

Blissbook documents everything and allows you to slice and dice documentation to create the reports you need:

  • Print the exact handbook (or just a single policy/section) an employee signed off on.
  • Print all documentation – signatures, views, and emails.
  • Filter documentation by location, manager, & more.
  • Export to PDF or CSV.

Paperless = Accessible

Handbooks are accessible 24/7 via a web browser from any device at a single, easy-to remember URL with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And yes, you can print too!

Personalized Content

Content can be personalized for each employee, and search makes it easy to find the content they’re looking for. Employees don’t see content that doesn’t apply to them.

Always Up-To-Date

Don’t wait months or years to get the latest policy information in front of employees. Publish new content any time! All versions are tracked in Blissbook.

Share Policies With Legal

It’s a snap to send your legal team content to review. Send a special preview link or print to PDF any version of any policy (back to the first time it was published).

Get emails like this.

“Yesterday we concluded our annual 3-day on-site assessment. The effort is significant and scope of the review covers all facets of information security and many areas of enterprise risk management, fraud, privacy, training, and human resources management.

I wanted to let you know that Blissbook was invaluable to support this project and our recent SOC2 readiness assessment. In my opinion, this SaaS tool has saved many hours and demonstrated the effectiveness and professionalism of our governance to external assessors and audits. The ROI for this product is very high.

Thank you for your leadership to implement this product and hard work to ensure we have quality governance for the organization. I was unable to keep a tally of the number of times I would hear an assessor or auditor say, ‘This is perfect, that is what I need.’ Thank you for delivering a valuable resource we need for the company.”

SVP, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in an email to the Senior VP of HR, General Counsel, CIO, and CHRO

Ready for smooth-sailing on your audits?

Hundreds of companies, large and small, trust Blissbook to manage their policies. Tell us about your project and we’ll give your team a customized demo.