Hey Legal!

Reduce your company’s risk.

Blissbook was built with powerful enterprise-grade policy management in mind to protect your company from the proverbial bad apple.

Retain Records (Forever)

Here’s what we keep track of, forever, even if you cancel your subscription (unless you ask us to delete it).


Every acknowledgement signature, including the message and exact version of content the employee signed off on (even if that content is personalized).


All individual policies are versioned and editors can see a history of every version of every policy ever published, plus who published a version and when.


Every annotation ever written that explains content changes to employees or other collaborators.


Every email sent to every employee through Blissbook.


Every time an employee views a handbook.

Documentation at Your Fingertips

Quickly access and print any documentation you need for an audit or a hearing from your documentation center. Signatures, viewing sessions, emails — it’s all there.

Paperless Means Accessible

Handbooks are accessible 24/7 via a web browser from any device at a single, easy-to remember URL with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And yes, you can print them if you need to.

Personalized Content

Content can be personalized for each employee, and search makes it easy to find the content they’re looking for. Employees don’t see content that doesn’t apply to them.

Always Up-To-Date

Don’t wait months or years to get the latest policy information in front of employees. Publish new content any time! All versions are tracked in Blissbook.

Easily Share Policies With Legal Counsel

It’s a snap to send your legal team a policy for review. With Blissbook, you can print to PDF any version of any individual policy back to the first time you published.

Ready to create your new employee handbook?

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