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Design for all devices (’cause it isn’t 1999).

A responsive template ensures your handbook looks & works great on laptops, phones, tablets, and printers.

It takes a village

Collaborate and share previews.

Work alongside your whole team and easily send a preview of your new handbook to project stakeholders.


We thought of everything

Manage your handbook project tasks.

Built-in task management keeps your team organized as you progress towards your handbook’s launch. (coming soon)

Get the word out

Communicate easily with in-app email.

Easily inform employees about your new digital handbook with Blissbook’s built-in email notification system.


Change is easy.

Update your entire handbook or just one section, any time, as many times as you want.

You’re in control.

Changes are staged in a draft version so employees never see your work-in-progress.

Track your history.

All revisions are auto-tracked so you can see exactly what changed and when.

Never create a “summary of changes” again.

Blissbook’s annotations features keep employees up-to-date with changes to your handbook. When an employee views or signs your handbook, they’re guided through the changes that happened since the last time they viewed or signed. Don’t worry, you have complete control over what they see!

Stay protected as content is changed.

All policies have a history with a diff so you can see exactly what changed, when the new version was published, and who published it.

You can collect new signatures at any time. Blissbook automatically tracks signature rounds, what versions of your policies employees sign off on, and more.

Collaborate with co-workers.

Edit your handbook with an unlimited number of collaborators at the same time.

Add annotations for collaborators' eyes only, so your whole team will always be in-the-know about what changed and why.

Easily preview new versions of your handbook and allow other stakeholders in your company to preview as well so you can collect the feedback you need to launch!

Personalize content by location or other groups.

Blissbook’s personalized content features eliminate the need to manage multiple handbooks or special sets of content for different groups of people when most of the content is the same. Eliminate double work and the inevitable mistakes that happen when you change the same content in multiple places!

Sync employees and send invitations automatically.

Synchronize your employee list from your Active Directory or HRIS to automatically send invitations to new employees and archive separated employees.


Stay “in-the-know.”

In your documentation center, assess risk across your entire organization and understand which employees are preventing you from 100% compliance.

Achieve 100% coverage.Get 100% coverage.

Stay on top of employees with customizable 1-click invitations and reminders, or completely eliminate the busy work by automating these communications.

Involve managers.

CC managers on auto-reminders to help get the signatures you needs. Managers have their own dashboard so they’ll always know their staff’s signature status.

Never lose access.

You own your documentation data. Export acknowledgements and more via PDF or CSV and retain access to your data even if you cancel your subscription.

Digital policy management with Blissbook reduces risk, legal fees, and maybe even your blood pressure.

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Trust our audit-friendly reporting.

View or print detailed reports for every employee.

Export documentation in a number of different ways.

Blissbook automatically tracks the exact content employees view and sign.

The Employee Experience.

Show employees they’re valued with an accessible, interactive, online employee handbook. User-friendly tools improve employee engagement and communicating well reduces your litigation risk.

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Personalized Content“Read More” ButtonsAnnotationsSearchLinksNo Passwords24/7 AccessibilityVideoTrusted & ConsistentAutomatic Table of Contents

Personalized Content.

Have content that only applies to a specific group of employees (ahem, California)? Keep it all in one place! That makes it easy for employees to find and they’ll see (and sign off on) only the content that’s relevant to them.

“Read More” Buttons.

Put case-specific content (aka the dry/legal/boring stuff most people don’t read) behind a button to keep it out of the flow but remain searchable and accessible to employees trying to find it.


When employees view or sign their handbook, they’re guided through the changes that occurred since the last time they viewed or signed. Don’t worry, you have total control over what they see!


Employees can easily search your entire handbook for the content they need, even if it’s behind one of our fancy "Read More" buttons.


Since your Blissbook handbook is a website, you can easily link employees to other content including benefits systems, payroll, your intranet, an email address - and even other policies within your handbook.

No Passwords.

Single Sign-On (SSO) or Blissbook’s no-password access control combined with powerful, automated sharing means your Blissbook content is easily accessible, even to a private audience.

24/7 Accessibility.

Since an online handbook is accessible 24/7 via a web browser on any device at a single, easy-to-remember URL, they can’t be thrown away, lost in a drawer, or forgotten where they are on a server or Sharepoint.


Make your handbook even more interactive by embedding videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia (coming soon). Great for welcome videos!

Trusted & Consistent.

Employees trust Blissbook because, with a custom domain & customized branding (even on emails), everything looks and feels like it’s coming from you and your brand.

Automatic Table of Contents.

No need to maintain a table of contents - it’s all done automatically and you can override items when necessary.

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