How to Write Policies & Procedures

From team collaboration to technical writing and distribution, this is your complete how-to guide for company policies and procedures.

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Welcome to your Policies and Procedures journey!

People: they’re your company’s best and most vital asset. As an HR pro, it’s your job to help attract, retain, and support top-notch people, all while protecting your company. Despite the angst that often accompanies a handbook overhaul, it’s possible to take care of policy business while showing your employees they’re valued. Buckle up, folks.

This guide includes stories and expert advice from HR professionals and employment attorneys, all topped off with best practices for creating, championing, and communicating your policies and procedures.

Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.
Simon SinekStart With Why: How Great Companies Inspire Everyone To Take Action

In this policies and procedures guide, you’ll learn:

  • Who to involve in the process
  • What resources you’ll need for success
  • The steps to take with what people
  • Tips for drafting, creation, reviewing, and printing
  • How to acquire revisions and acceptance

We hope that, with patience and dedication, you can transform your handbook from a potential irritant to a valuable instrument – one that helps onboard employees and keeps them on board.

Guess what?! We created a companion Policies & Procedures Workbook to help you stay organized on your policy update journey. Download it here!
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Our policies and procedures guide is broken into six chapters:

1. Prep Work: Illustration of man holding books
2. Step Work: Illustration of woman pointing at whiteboard
3. Depth Work: Illustration of woman with light bulb above head
4. Yep Work: Illustration of woman holding laptop
5. Pep Work: Illustration of man with a pencil
6. Accept Work: Illustration of woman sitting with laptop

Let's get started with The Prep Work!

First Chapter: Get Started