Hyper-Personalized Content

Personalized policies and handbooks.

Handle multi-state handbooks with aplomb. With Blissbook, employees don’t have to figure out what content applies to them; it just works.

Hyper-Personalized Content

Have content that only applies to a specific group of employees (ahem, California)? Although you can create a separate document in Blissbook, you don’t have to.

Access control within a single handbook or document makes it easy for employees to find, view, and sign off on only the content that’s relevant to them.


Easy sign-in for employees.

Blissbook supports a variety of no-password sign in methods (SSO, email, or phone number), so your content will be easy to access yet secure no matter how low-tech your workforce is.

Secure, automated on- and off-boarding.

Integrate Blissbook with your HRIS (Workday, UltiPro, etc.) and Single Sign-On providers to handle new employees – they’ll automatically see the policies or handbooks that are relevant to them.

Robust electronic signature reporting.

Different combos of personalized content can mean hundreds of variants of your policies. No worries! Blissbook tracks the exact content someone viewed when they signed their acknowledgment form.

Custom signature rounds.

Major changes to your California-only policies? That’s easy. Start a new signature round for only those employees who need to sign off on the new content.

Ready for personalized employee handbooks?

We’re here to help! Go ahead and try it (free), or we can walk you through it (also free). Either way, we know you’ll love it.