Keep People Informed

Communicate with your audience.

What good are company policies if you don’t tell employees about them? Email sent through Blissbook is tracked in your documentation center, so even if an employee ignores your requests to view and sign, you’ll always be able to prove you told them about it.

notification example

Communicating Changes

When you update policies, you’re in control of how to communicate changes with employees.

Say Nothing

Publish new content any time, as often as you want. You don't need to tell a soul or force anyone to sign another form. Employees see your fresh content the next time they view the document.


Never create a “summary of changes” bullet list again! Attach digital sticky notes to changes to provide context right alongside new or updated content. Annotations can be for your audience or for fellow collaborators.

Send an Email

Big policy change going out? Need to remind people your handbook exists? Add an email to your annotations. All you have to say is, “When you open your handbook, you'll be guided through the changes.”

Automatically invite new employees.

Whether you're launching a new handbook or onboarding a new employee, you want people to know! When you synchronize your employee list automatically, invites can be auto-sent to new employees too.

Remind people who need to sign.

Stay on top of employees with 1-click reminders or eliminate the busy work by setting up automated reminders that Blissbook sends on your behalf. You can even CC employees' managers!

Trusted and not suspicious.

Blissbook is 100% white-labelable. Employees trust Blissbook because everything looks and feels like it's coming from you. Set up a custom sending email account and design emails to reflect your brand.

Ready to keep employees informed?

We’re here to help! Go ahead and try it (free), or we can walk you through it (also free). Either way, we know you’ll love it.