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Our Lightbulb Moment

At most companies, the people tasked with company culture and employee engagement activities are the same ones who give employees an intimidating, legalese handbook that describes what they can or can’t do and nothing about why they should care.

This conflict got us thinking, “Can HR teams mitigate risk in a mature and engaging way that enlightens and guides employees? Won’t a company be more protected if it shows employees they’re valued as human beings instead of tools used to get a job done?”

We say “Yes!” to both.


Our Mission

Inspired employees.

Inspired: to be filled with the urge or ability to do or feel something.

For an employee, inspiration could come from a clearly communicated “why” from leadership. Or from a memorable onboarding experience. It could even be as simple as having a not-crappy (dare we say fun?) experience dealing with HR policies - an experience that, if done right, makes an employee feel valued as a person.

People spend over a third of their lives on the job during their working years. If Blissbook’s dent in the universe is helping people feel more inspired and valued in that job (even if it’s through something as modest as an employee handbook), then we’ll consider ourselves successful.

Read more about our mission here.

Did you know?

You’re our only boss.

Our company was founded in 2010. We’re privately owned, profitable, and do not answer to anyone other than our customers and ourselves. We aim to stay profitable as we build a company with products customers love and a culture that provides employees with the opportunity for fulfillment.

Tom O'Dea


Sam Duvall


We launched at an HR conference.

Blissbook was launched in beta at the HR Tech conference in October 2013 and, after 2 years of R&D, re-launched in 2015.

Blissbook rose from the ashes of a PDF.

Our first contract was to design a PDF handbook to be printed as a physical book for 800+ employees. By the time our client’s stakeholders finished reviewing and approving the book, we had built v1 of Blissbook with a digital version of the handbook ready to launch. The client never printed a single book.

Our team is awesome!

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Amanda McNay


Antoine Meunier


Sarah Whiddon

Project Mgmt

Angeli Pacatang

Executive Assistant

P-A St-Jean


Jeff Beck

Customer Enablement


Our Vision

Have or need an employee handbook?

Your experience should be blissful.

Whether your organization is small, in the Fortune 500, a school, a non-profit, partners with a PEO, or anything else, our vision is for you and your audience to have a blissful handbook experience.

We’re working hard to build a platform and company that supports everyone, and we’d love to hear your ideas and project needs. Below are some ways to connect with us.

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