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Employee Handbook Builder Services

Create a new handbook or update your existing one, then keep it up-to-date with changing laws with Blissbook’s suite of expert HR services.

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New or Updated Employee Handbook

Whether you need a brand-new handbook or to update your existing policies, you’re covered with engaging policy content written “the Blissbook way”.


Hundreds of model policy templates compliant with current city, county, state, and federal laws are ready and waiting for you.

Handbook Updates

An experienced HR expert will work with you to customize your current policies to fit your unique requirements and get them up-to-date with current laws.

one-off policies

Whichever “how things work around here” topics you want to cover, we’ve got template content and an expert team who will help you publish compliant content.

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Reviewed, but Not Written, by Lawyers

Lawyers are great, but they write terrible copy. We learn the law, reference model policies and advice from expert lawyers, then write. You get approachable, compliant policies employees may actually read.

Change how your employees think about their employment relationship:

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I’m entering a legal transaction between two adversarial parties.

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I’m joining a team on a mission with some rules for how we work together successfully.

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Law Change Alerts

Ding-a-ling! Reduce your risk from outdated policies. We track changing laws across city, county, state, and US federal jurisdictions, tell you about them, then tell you what to do, sans noise.

Our law change alerts are an anti-firehose of information. We focus only on the changes to laws that are likely to drive a review of or changes to your policy content.

We specifically do not include other HR-related but non-policy-focused law changes (e.g. minimum wage laws), and focus on enacted laws only so you aren’t overwhelmed by a torrent of information.

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Automatic Policy Updates

Don’t want to deal with even our user-friendly law change alerts? No problem. When laws change, we’ll suggest edits to your specific, custom content. All you need to do is approve and publish.

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Custom Updates

Leadership had a change of heart? Keep it compliant with our expert advice. We’ll help you make other custom changes to your content as needed.

HR Consulting & Fractional CHRO

Whatever HR support you need, we can help!

General HR Administration

Need help with HR tasks? We can help with HR department setup, job descriptions, interviewing, labor law research, surveys, onboarding, employee communications, documentation, hiring, and more.

Employee Relations & Investigations

Employee complaints & investigations must be handled with care to stay on the right side of the law. We can help with complaints, investigations, reporting, and recommendations for closure.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

Can you spot the difference between “engaged” and “satisfied” employees? Up your culture with engagement surveys, data analysis, improvement plans, employee interviews, and culture change plans.

Career Coaching & Development

Unlock potential, nurture new leaders, and improve teamwork with our help, including 360 surveys, leadership training, and group or personalized coaching based on 360 reports.

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