Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk for Your Company

Policy management with Blissbook is less risky than paper or a PDF on a server. Putting effort into the design and accessibility of your company policies makes it clear to any 3rd party that you, the employer, did everything you could to communicate policies to employees.


Always Up-To-Date

You can update and publish your Blissbook at any time, which means you won't wait months or years to get the latest policy information out to employees. Old versions are saved and the version employees sign off on is recorded, so you're always in compliance with records retention rules.

Blissbook's annotations functionality makes it easy to communicate changes to employees, whether they're viewing new content or signing an acknowledgement. You'll never need to create a "summary of changes" document or form again.

Easily Accessible

100% Mobile & Print Friendly

Blissbook handbooks are accessible 24/7 via a web browser from any device - web, phone or tablet. They can’t be thrown away, lost in a drawer, or forgotten where they are on a server or Sharepoint. And yes, you can print it.

Accessible From Every Device

Simple Access Control & Sharing

Single Sign-On and HRIS integrations combine with powerful, automated sharing options to make sure your Blissbook content is easily accessible - but only to those you choose. Have content that only applies to a specific group of employees (ahem, California)? No problem! With Blissbook, you can do that.

Digital Signatures

So long, paperwork. Employees acknowledge their receipt of the handbook electronically with a legally-binding E-Signature. See who’s viewed the handbook, who’s signed off on it, and export this information in a number of ways. You can even send reminders to employees right from your dashboard.


Create a Digital Handbook Yourself

You don’t need IT or marketing to create or maintain your Blissbook digital handbook. There is nothing to download or install for you or your employees. We take care of all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Easy Content Management

Blissbook’s content management system is easy to use and requires no training. Your handbook is pre-populated with engaging content you can use for inspiration, and when you’re ready to change it, the CMS guides you with tips and examples that will save you weeks of effort.

Content Management System

Your Culture in a Handbook

Start With Why

Company culture (your “why”) is defined by your values and beliefs; your purpose, mission and vision; and how you hire, reward and release people. Blissbook guides you through recording all of this so everyone in your company can deliver results with purpose.


Collaborate With Others

Collaborate with anyone, in real-time, to create and edit your Blissbook. There’s no limit to the number of admins you have on your handbook and you can all work on it at the same time.

Beautifully Designed (By You)

Blissbook’s built-in template is beautifully designed and fully customizable to fit any brand. Design “bumpers” in the right places make sure your handbook stays beautiful as you customize it.

Make It Your Own

Make It Your Own

Blissbooks are fully customizable so they can reflect your brand and culture. Upload your logo and other images, use custom fonts, and modify colors to match your company’s look and feel. You can also set up a custom domain name like

Use Hi-Fi Media

Upload images and embed videos throughout your Blissbook to reflect the design and culture of your company or to help employees better understand policies.

Design Support

Our design team is available to help you make design tweaks as a part of our normal support. If your content is ready and you still aren’t comfortable doing the design work yourself, ask about our custom design services!