Month: July 2015

How to Place a Security Freeze to Prevent Identity Theft

identity-theftIt seems like every month there’s a new story of a company being hacked. Earlier this year it was Anthem / Blue Cross Blue Shield and last year it was Target (who recently settled for $10mm) and Home Depot. The most recent incident was a couple weeks ago when the US Government’s Office of Personnel Management was hacked.

This one hit home for me. Many years ago, I passed all the necessary tests to be a Foreign Service Officer. This included a thorough background check, which includes where I’ve lived, where I’ve traveled, any drugs I’ve ever taken, and extensive personal information of my friends and family. It’s all now in the hands of the Chinese government and whoever else they sell/give it to. Oops.

Think this problem is going away? Not a chance.

Now, although it’s up to IT/IS departments to keep information safe, there is something HR can do to help their employees prevent identity theft.

Have them place a security freeze on their credit report.