Month: July 2018

Bugle #50: MailChimp Recaps Radical Candor

Toot toot! Happy Friday people! And welcome to the 50th (!!!) edition of the Blissbook Bugle. We hope those of you in the US had a wonderful Independence Day full of hot dogs, fireworks, and friends. For those in the UK… sorry to rub it in, but hey, there’s always the World Cup!

Alright, let’s get back to the best HR, leadership, and policy management articles we found from the last two weeks! Enjoy and have a sensational weekend!

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Article of the Week: This week’s highlighted article (look for the below) is about radical candor and is brought to you via MailChimp‘s blog. Radical candor is about being honest and direct with people, even when it’s a difficult conversation. It’s what happens when you care about someone enough to challenge them with real feedback. Just remember to be hard on content and soft on the person. Enjoy!