Month: January 2018

Bugle #38: No Phones on Break!

Happy Friday Friend! 2018 – this is the year all your dreams come true! You got this. We spent the last couple of weeks polishing off everything that fell out of our new editor updates, and we also patched up some issues with handling rehired employees.

Of course we also put together the best HR, leadership, and policy management articles from the past 2 weeks. Enjoy!

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Article of the Week: This week’s highlighted article (look for the below) is inspired by a recent 3-day spell sans smartphone. By the third day, I wasn’t instinctively reaching for it in those situations where you often do (like when you’re stopped at a red light that you know takes forever to turn green). It was nice to just look around instead and I promised myself I wouldn’t look at my phone at stoplights anymore. So far, so good.