Month: August 2019

Bugle #76: A pressing question for employers

Click it or ticket – and we’re not talking about seatbelts! Blissbook has produced some original content, and we’ve unabashedly put it at the top of the Bugle list. There’s no shame in our game, but we have *just* enough humility that it’s not the Article of the Week.

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Article of the Week: Exempt or nonexempt? That is the question. If you can’t answer the question in this week’s featured article, you better get to thinking (look for the below).

Your Ticket to Employee Engagement

To many, March Madness is more than just a basketball tournament. It promises bracket competitions, buzzer beaters, and the occasional Cinderella story. And when it comes to seeing the NCAA tournament in person, there’s madness indeed. At Duke, tickets to see the men’s Blue Devils are so highly demanded that fans can’t simply purchase tickets; instead, they must enter and win a lottery before being presented the opportunity to buy tickets. In other words, the stars must first align before the credit card can work its magic. So, what are these tickets worth? You’d be surprised.