Month: November 2019

It’s Prime Time: Nudge Before You Message

Bingo. Florida. Wrinkle. Do those words prompt any specific mental images? Stubborn. Forgetful. Wise. We’re getting warmer. You may have quickly determined that these are terms often associated with elderly people. However, you might become skeptical if I told you that exposure to those words would cause you to walk  s l o w e r.

Bugle #83: Lift Someone Up

Surprise, it’s Friday! Are you truly astonished, or have you been counting down since, well, Sunday? Our latest pop-psych article delves into surprise in the workplace. By mixing in unfamiliar or unexpected experiences, you can help employees develop positive, lasting memories.

Up your knowledge game by reading some of the best HR, leadership, and policy management articles we found over the past couple weeks.

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Article of the Week: Having just celebrated World Kindness Day, this week’s featured article reminds us that small gestures can create a big impact. There’s even a bulleted list of ways to lift others. Try knocking one or two items out this weekend (look for the below).

Inject the Unexpected: Creating a Memorable Workday

It’s a beautifully peaceful day at the beach, waves occasionally reaching your sand-covered toes. A few clouds are scattered throughout the radiant blue sky, and a gentle breeze hits at all the right times. Your eyes are softly closed behind your sunglasses, but you open them when you hear a flock of seagulls flying overhead. As you glance around, a lady is exiting the water nearby, and you contemplate a quick dip yourself. As the lady leisurely towels herself dry, you notice that her skin is turquoise. After blinking a couple times to confirm what you’re seeing, you find yourself dumbfounded.

How to Differentiate Employees by Level

Senior? Junior? Mid-level? How do you know the difference between employees? This is often based on years of experience, which is dumb. Someone’s “level” is not time-based. Everyone learns at a different pace, and we all have inherently different mindsets. Some of us act like toddlers no matter how old or experienced we are, and we’ve all seen teenagers who act wise beyond their years.

Here’s how we break it down at Blissbook (and how you should break it down, too). We’re assuming your company has some sort of a mission, vision, or purpose + core values or behaviors. If you don’t, start there.

Bugle #82: Small but mighty

Whoa-vember! How did we get here? If you’re in Daylight Saving Time, take comfort in knowing you’ll have an extra hour this weekend when we “fall back.” Hopefully that makes up for the last ten months that passed by at warp speed.

Celebrate the new month by reading some of the best HR, leadership, and policy management articles we found over the past couple weeks.

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Article of the Week: We’re often told not to sweat the small stuff, but sometimes a bit of perspiration is a good thing. When it comes to employee engagement, the small stuff can add up to big results (look for the below).