Bugle #64: Leadership Blind Spots

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Article of the Week: We don’t know what we don’t know! Bring your leadership blind spots into vision by reading this Bugle’s highlighted article (look for the below).


Bugle #59: A Matter of Degrees

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Help speed your Friday along by reading some of the best HR, leadership, and policy management articles we found from the last couple of weeks. The more you read, the sooner it will be quittin’ time!

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Article of the Week: Don’t miss this week’s highlighted article (look for the below) because it’s a good reminder that it doesn’t take much extra effort to show you care.


Bugle #46: You’re Awesome (Yeah You!)

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Article of the Week: We chose this week’s highlighted article (look for the below) because you’re awesome. Yeah, you. Remember what you used to be like? As in, right out of college? Not quite as awesome I bet. You’ve come a long way! Keep it up!


Bugle #40: How to Hire

Happy Friday, Folks! Our February started off on a high note as our co-Founder Sam and his wife welcomed their second child into the world.

We made sure to set aside some time to put together the week’s best HR, leadership, and policy management articles for you. Lots of state lawmakers getting 2018 started with a bang – make sure you check those out so you can keep your company protected. Have a gratuitously fun weekend!

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Article of the Week: This week’s highlighted article (look for the below) is a deep dive into some best practices around hiring. Hopefully it will help you and your company find the best fits for your job openings!


Bugle #36: Inside the Revolution at Etsy

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Show Employees You Care


Protect Your Company


Location Specific Company Protection


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Bugle #19: The Emotional Support Pig Edition

Friday is here! Time to wrap up all those things you were trying to finish up this week and then spend some time with The Bugle. We’ve gathered the week’s best HR, leadership and policy management articles for you to enjoy. Have a great weekend!

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Article of the Week: We chose this week’s highlight (look for the below) because, well, the headline is very clickable. That said, there is great advice throughout on how to handle the situation without getting in ADA trouble.


Blissbook Bugle #9

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Article of the Week: I’d hate to be this week’s highlighted piece (look for the below) because last week’s eBook is a tough act to follow. However, this week’s highlighted article stood out to me because my wife tried something just like it and it worked.

Got any secrets you use to make people happier at work?


7 Ways to Engage Millennials in the Workplace

millennialsDon’t call it a comeback, at least not for Millennials in the workplace. In many regards, this generation isn’t a rehash of their parents and grandparents. They have a completely different set of values for the workplace, one that uniquely fuses their personal interests. Consider it more of a takeover, if you will—one that’s been catapulted by technology and cultural advances. Not an “Empire of the Ants” kind of takeover, but one based solely on the numbers. If you don’t believe the times have changed, visit a class of college freshmen and ask them to tell you the first thing that enters their mind when you say the word “catfish”. Yep, Millennials are different.

Back in 2008, Gen Y Expert Amy Lynch predicted that by 2014, 36 percent of the U.S. workforce would be comprised of Millennials and by 2020, nearly half (46 percent) of all U.S. workers would be from this generation. By comparison, Gen X only represents 16 percent of the current workforce.

So, the question for CEOs and HR directors is how to attract and engage this generation in the workplace. This is particularly true of small to mid-size companies competing with larger, more established companies for top talent.

When approaching Millenials, remember, this is the generation who, instead of gathering around the water cooler in the morning to discuss current events, is more likely to post a video of their morning visit to the local coffee shop to create their own current event. This is the generation where 23 year-old Jake is likely to dump 22-year old Sara via Facebook while she in turn boldly responds on Twitter: I was dumped for Brittany the Skank #jakewetsthebed #ihatehim.


Employee Handbooks You Can Smile About

2011-culture-bookWe wrote a guest article on Zen Payroll’s blog about the new Employee Handbooks that companies are putting out these days, how they differ from the handbooks of old, and when companies should think about getting either one of them.

Here’s how the article starts…

Traditionally, employee handbooks have been snooze-inducing legal documents crafted or at least reviewed by a lawyer with the goal of protecting an employer from lawsuits and fines. But the definition of an employee handbook is expanding. Recently, companies have begun using employee handbooks in a different way: to define and publish their company culture for employees and recruits alike. These culture handbooks set the tone for interactions throughout a company and paint a picture of what new employees can expect upon joining. So when do handbooks matter to you, and which kind should you have? Depending on your company’s size, you may have one, both, or none.

Check out the full article on Zen Payroll’s blog.

Photo credit: This is Zappo’s 2011 Culture Book.