Month: August 2017

Bugle #28: Now With Management Advice!

Hello Friday! If you’re in the office, we hope you’re having a productive week. There were plenty of you NOT in the office based on the number of vacation replies we saw this week. Thankfully you won’t miss any of the week’s best HR, leadership and policy management articles because they’re all right here!

That all said, we’re going on break. We’ll be back with your regularly scheduled programming after the Labor Day weekend. Until then!

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Article of the Week: This week’s highlighted article (look for the below) is a quick read that’ll make your heart beat faster. Make sure you watch the video. Enjoy!

Bugle #27: On Confirmation Bias

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Friday Friday Friday! Here’s hoping your weekend has no plans and you’re just going to relax and recover. While you look forward to that, why not read the week’s best HR, leadership and policy management articles we compiled just for you? Have a great weekend!

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Article of the Week: This past week’s coverage of the Google “manifesto” situation was exasperating. With reactions like those you’d expect from people only reading the headlines, it seemed as if everyone’s opinion was rife with confirmation bias. So this week’s highlighted article (look for the below) is about confirmation bias. Enjoy!

Bugle #26: You Are Valued

Feliz Friday Fine Friends! Another week gone to the ether. We spent ours working on Blissbook’s not-so-top-secret new handbook editor, which we’ll continue in the weeks to come. A lot left to do but we’re making great progress!

Thankfully, we still had time to gather the best HR, leadership and policy management articles just for you. Happy weekend! 🎉

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Article of the Week: Whenever an article is a 100% match for the title of the category it’s in, it deserves to be the week’s highlighted article (look for the below). With that said, thank you, dear reader, for signing up for this newsletter. You are valued. Without you, we’d be talking to ourselves and even though that’s not a bad thing, it’s just not the purpose of writing a newsletter.