Bugle #85: S-A-F-E-T-Y

Gone so soon? Or good riddance? As 2019 nears its end, you may be overcome with reflection — or relief. We’re feeling particularly contemplative after learning’s Word of the Year. Whew.

Before you duck out of work at the earliest possible opportunity, browse some of the best HR, leadership, and policy management articles we found over the past couple weeks.

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Article of the Week: Better safe than sorry, right? Check out this week’s highlighted article (look for the below) to be sure you’re in the OSHA loop.

Inject the Unexpected: Creating a Memorable Workday

It’s a beautifully peaceful day at the beach, waves occasionally reaching your sand-covered toes. A few clouds are scattered throughout the radiant blue sky, and a gentle breeze hits at all the right times. Your eyes are softly closed behind your sunglasses, but you open them when you hear a flock of seagulls flying overhead. As you glance around, a lady is exiting the water nearby, and you contemplate a quick dip yourself. As the lady leisurely towels herself dry, you notice that her skin is turquoise. After blinking a couple times to confirm what you’re seeing, you find yourself dumbfounded.

Tiring or Inspiring? Boost Onboarding with the Peak-End Rule

Remember the last time you fished around the bottom of an ice-cold cooler for your beverage of choice? Imagine keeping your hand in that frigid water for more than a couple seconds. Not a pleasant hypothetical, huh? However, let’s say you’ve got two options. Option 1: you immerse your hand for 60 seconds and, after the minute has passed, you’re done. Option 2: you submerge your hand for 90 seconds total, but the temperature will increase by 2° F after the first 60 seconds. So, the difference between Option 1 and Option 2 is that the second offering includes a bonus period of 30 seconds of still-pretty-much-ice-cold water. Which unfavorable option are you leaning toward?

Bugle #68: Calibrate Good Times

Have you done your taxes? Sorry if that’s a particularly sensitive subject right now.

Speaking of subjects, we’ve compiled some of the best HR, leadership, and policy management articles we found from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

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Article of the Week: Imagine reading a 20-page report about yourself. Did you shudder? Check out this Bugle’s highlighted article (look for the below) for the lowdown on self-assessment.

Bugle #59: A Matter of Degrees

Happy first-Friday-in-Decembrrrrr! We hope you (and your coffee) are staying warm!

Help speed your Friday along by reading some of the best HR, leadership, and policy management articles we found from the last couple of weeks. The more you read, the sooner it will be quittin’ time!

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Article of the Week: Don’t miss this week’s highlighted article (look for the below) because it’s a good reminder that it doesn’t take much extra effort to show you care.

Bugle #32: Stop Trying to Help Employees and Actually Help Them

October Friday! Aren’t those the best? We’re back on our new bi-weekly schedule with the best HR, leadership and policy management articles from the past 2 weeks. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Article of the Week: This week’s highlighted article (look for the below) was eye-opening for us as it describes a situation where you might be making a mistake even though you have the best of intentions.

Bugle #31: Helping You Figure Out What’s Real

Happy First Day of Fall! Did you know – the word “equinox” was formed by two Latin words: “Equi” is the Latin prefix for “equal” and “nox” is the Latin word for “night.” The equal refers to the fact that the amount of daylight and darkness on this day are nearly equal.

This week’s pumpkin-spiced newsletter is full of cinnamon, cloves, and the week’s best HR, leadership and policy management articles. Hope you enjoy it!

Starting today, we’ll be moving to a bi-weekly publishing schedule. We want to bring you only the very best articles, and choosing from a 2-week sample gives us a better opportunity for success.

Talk to you in October!

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Article of the Week: This week’s highlighted article (look for the below) is packed with information about just how hard it is for humans to understand the complex and variable world around them. Enjoy!

Bugle #29: Help Employees Prevent Identity Theft

Friday already?! That was quick. Short week here in the states – hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We’re back in the saddle with the week’s best HR, leadership and policy management articles for you. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Article of the Week: This week’s highlighted article (look for the below) is an oldie but a goodie. Given yesterday’s announcement of a data breach at Equifax affecting 140+ million consumers, it’s appropriate once again. The article describes what you can do in HR to help your employees, short of suggesting they change their name, SSN, and date of birth every few months. Enjoy!

Better Video Support

Greetings from Atlanta with another update to the Blissbook platform! The month of October has the best weather here in Atlanta. For one whole month, we get to experience the weather southern Californians have all year long. On to the updates…

YouTube Video Support

You can now embed YouTube videos throughout the custom sections of your handbook. Need some video training for a policy? Or do you have a fun video explainer or some other demonstration? Now you can post that thing right next to the content. And since we know you’ll ask, support for Vimeo is coming soon!

BambooHR Groups

For our customers using the BambooHR integration, you can now define groups for your employees by Location, Division, or Department. This allows you to use the variable content feature in conjunction with your BambooHR integration. It also enables sharing by groups (or signature rounds).

Other Updates

We fixed a number of rare bugs and errors that should improve the stability and speed of Blissbook. There are also a few other upgrades:

  • Set who your notifications emails come from on your emails settings page (Click your company name in the top right, then Emails, then Settings).
  • Using our FTP file sync? You can see if there’s an issue with the sync on your People page. Just hover over the “Last updated” text.
  • If you’re a new customer who has recently asked your employees to sign acknowledgements (outside of Blissbook), and you don’t want to ask them again, you can set your signature round to only ask new employees.
  • Filter your lists of people by ID (if you’re including that in a CSV upload or file sync)

We love hearing from you, our customers. If you have any feature requests, bug reports, or if there’s anything else you’d like to see us tackle – please let us know! You can email us or click the ? in the top right corner of your Blissbook account to send us a support message.

Until next time!

Enterprise Change Management



Blissbook, if you didn’t know, is built by the amazing folks at RW Code Lab. By keeping our “day jobs”, we make sure Blissbook remains independent. This is very important to us because we always want to make sure Blissbook’s users long-term interests are our first priority.

Sometimes we’ll post about topics on the RW Code Lab blog that we think would be interesting to our Blissbook audience. Today is one of those days.

Change management in the enterprise is hard! We have an interesting take on it (boats and sharks?!), so head on over to the RW Code Lab blog to give it a read.