Month: June 2022

Creating a Code of Conduct Policy

The words “code of conduct” may make you think you’re already in trouble. However, a company’s code of conduct is ultimately just a policy that details responsibilities, social norms, and other rules employees should follow in their interactions with others and toward the organization as a whole. Simply put, it lets employees know what you expect from them, which should help create a more harmonious workplace.

A code of conduct is not only beneficial in terms of managing employee behavior, but it can also help establish your company’s culture and core values. Let’s get to it.

Creating an Reasonable Accommodation Policy (ADA)

More than 60 million adults in the United States have a disability. That’s one in four, according to the CDC. This means that, in all likelihood, some of your employees are affected by disability. By empowering conversation around disability and reasonable accommodations, your company can create an inclusive and accessible workplace where every employee thrives.

Plus, let’s be real. Your employees probably know that this policy is required, so it’s important to put your own spin on it. How can you create a policy that covers the must-haves while providing insight into your company culture? We’ve got some ideas.