Bugle #83: Lift Someone Up

Surprise, it’s Friday! Are you truly astonished, or have you been counting down since, well, Sunday? Our latest pop-psych article delves into surprise in the workplace. By mixing in unfamiliar or unexpected experiences, you can help employees develop positive, lasting memories.

Up your knowledge game by reading some of the best HR, leadership, and policy management articles we found over the past couple weeks.

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Article of the Week: Having just celebrated World Kindness Day, this week’s featured article reminds us that small gestures can create a big impact. There’s even a bulleted list of ways to lift others. Try knocking one or two items out this weekend (look for the below).

Show Employees They’re Valued

Protect Your Company

Location-Specific Company Protection

Become a Better You

Just for Fun

Drew Dotson

Drew Dotson

Drew enjoys eating cheese, cuddling with dogs, doing puzzles, and watching sports. She is passionate about raising awareness (and funds) for cystic fibrosis.


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