A New Blissbook Brand

Blissbook has come a long way since our launch out of beta at the end of 2015.

Originally, Blissbook’s mission was to “accelerate the movement towards employment based on purpose” which, while aspirational, is a bit naïve. In reality, most people don’t have the luxury of choosing to work somewhere that aligns with their personal mission.

We still think finding a purpose in your employment is essential. Though it’d be great if that purpose aligned with a personal mission, maybe it means getting to leave at 5 every day so you can see your kids. Maybe it’s the ability to work remotely so you can travel. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that you can make ends meet alongside a group of people who accept you for who you are.

We want people to find whatever that purpose is in their employment, so our new mission is simple: Inspired Employees.

Inspired: to be filled with the urge or ability to do or feel something.

Although communicating your company’s mission, vision, and values can inspire an employee, maybe the inspirational part of their job comes from what seems like a small detail in an HR policy. It could be a generous vacation policy, your volunteering efforts, the opportunity for personal growth via tuition reimbursement, or something as basic as a commitment to a welcoming, friendly work environment for all employees.

It’s not just our mission that’s evolved in the past 3 1/2 years. The Blissbook product has certainly grown, with great new features like our documentation center, version history, and annotations.

More importantly, we’ve grown as a company. This growth comes largely from the opportunity to talk with hundreds of customers over the years to learn how they protect their company and show their employees they’re valued.

So although our new brand is a change in who we are and what we look like, it’s also about who we think you want us to be: Approachable, Progressive, Trusted, and Clever (our new brand pillars).

In the coming months (and years!), we’ll be building upon these pillars within the Blissbook product itself to truly create everything you need to create, distribute, and maintain an online employee handbook.

Let’s inspire employees together!


Tom O'Dea

Tom is the CEO of Blissbook and is honored to lead our mission for more inspired employees. He receives tweets at @tom_odea and wishes he could spend a few years eating his way around the world.


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