A New Blissbook: Part 2

Last Friday, we talked about a new beginning for Blissbook. Our upcoming release marks the start of that new beginning, so without further adieu, here are the newest Blissbook features. Look for this release to drop within the next 48 hours!

Overhauled Sharing and Access Control

Handbooks now have their own sharing and access control that’s separate from your organization. You can still share something with your entire organization, but you don’t have to.

Blissbook Sharing

So go ahead, share your Blissbook with your lawyers or with the HR pro you met at the last SHRM meeting. It’s easy!

Chapter-specific sharing

You can now control access on an individual chapter level. Have an addendum for California residents? No problem. Have separate policies for part-time employees? Sure. Have a specific policy for Steve the troublemaker? You’re using Blissbook. You can do that.

Blissbook Chapter Access Control

And because we want to make sure you always look good in front of your employees, you can also preview what your Blissbook will look like to any individual it’s shared with.


Sometimes you want to share something with a whole bunch of people who are in the same demographic, but definitely not everyone in your organization. We made that easy with Groups. You can create a Group for any set of people. Examples of a useful Group would be California, Part-Time, Español, Lawyers, etc.

Better Branding

Don’t like the welcome message signature font? Well, now you can change it. Choose a system font, upload your own font, or pick from 707 different fonts using our google integration. Google has 123 “handwriting” fonts to choose from.

Better Reporting

Reporting is better, whether you have 100 or 10,000 employees. Easily view and print acknowledgements from any of your employees, or export a CSV of everyone’s signature.

Blissbook Dashboard


And some other minor changes:

  • Easily hide a chapter from everyone. This used to be difficult – you’d have to delete all of the content in a chapter. Now you just click a button.
  • Better notifications – now everyone gets an email whenever they’ve been given new access to something.

This is Just The Start

The biggest change of all to Blissbook is completely under the hood. We updated a number of systems and frameworks that will allow us to add more great features in the future. Whatever it takes to make sure you can protect your company and show employees you care at the same time.

If there’s anything YOU’D like to see, please let us know.

Until next time!


Tom O'Dea

Tom is the CEO of Blissbook and is honored to lead our mission for more inspired employees. He receives tweets at @tom_odea and wishes he could spend a few years eating his way around the world.


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