Blissbook Bugle #6

TGIF! One more week gone forever. Since we’ll never get it back, let’s look ahead and get better for tomorrow. We plowed through a field full of HR and policy management articles this week so we could harvest (see what I did there?) the best stuff for you. Here’s hoping your Saturday and Sunday are Blissful!

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Article of the Week: The subject of this week’s highlighted piece (look for the below) is inspired by the recent Day Without a Woman protests in that the article’s headline has the word “Woman” in it. Hey, I didn’t say it was a strong connection. Also, the issue shouldn’t be a gender one – we all hold ourselves back in some way from time to time.

Show Employees You Care


Keep Your Company Safe


Become a Better You

Policy Management in Blissbook

Soon we’ll be rolling out an update to split your 1 Blissbook handbook document into a collection of individual policies.

At first, you’ll notice that your chapters, sections, and policies now have individual version numbers plus the date they were published.

Although the immediate impact is small, this is step 1 of our push towards complete policy management. We want Blissbook to be the tool you rely on for the entire policy lifecycle, from creating to sharing to signing and updating.


Tom O'Dea

Tom is the CEO of Blissbook and is honored to lead our mission for more inspired employees. He receives tweets at @tom_odea and wishes he could spend a few years eating his way around the world.


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