Bugle #31: Helping You Figure Out What’s Real

Happy First Day of Fall! Did you know – the word “equinox” was formed by two Latin words: “Equi” is the Latin prefix for “equal” and “nox” is the Latin word for “night.” The equal refers to the fact that the amount of daylight and darkness on this day are nearly equal.

This week’s pumpkin-spiced newsletter is full of cinnamon, cloves, and the week’s best HR, leadership and policy management articles. Hope you enjoy it!

Starting today, we’ll be moving to a bi-weekly publishing schedule. We want to bring you only the very best articles, and choosing from a 2-week sample gives us a better opportunity for success.

Talk to you in October!

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Article of the Week: This week’s highlighted article (look for the below) is packed with information about just how hard it is for humans to understand the complex and variable world around them. Enjoy!

Show Employees You Care


Protect Your Company


Be a Better You


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