Bugle #75: So Prepared

It’s Friday! And the last Friday in July, at that. Been doing any summer reading? There’s a new book out about anti-gravity. It’s so hard to put down.

Do some productive zoning out for a moment and read some of the best HR, leadership, and policy management articles we found over the past couple weeks.

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Article of the Week: Compliments are fun – not only on the receiving end, but the giving end, too. Consider spicing up your kudos (look for the below).

Show Employees They’re Valued

Protect Your Company

Location-Specific Company Protection

Become a Better You

Just for Fun

Drew Dotson

Drew Dotson

Drew enjoys eating cheese, cuddling with dogs, doing puzzles, and watching sports. She is passionate about raising awareness (and funds) for cystic fibrosis.


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