Multiple Signatures and Handbook Grades

Keeping your company protected doesn’t end on an employee’s first day. Over time, laws, regulations, and best-practices change and your handbook changes right alongside. We recently made it easy to keep employees informed of those changes but sometimes the changes are so big that you want to collect new signatures. Or maybe you added your code of conduct to make it easy to keep updated, and that code gets signed off every year. We’ve heard from you that these are very real situations and our latest update addresses them.

This also forced a change to the documentation center. The new documentation center’s purpose is to communicate the following, clearly and efficiently, on your behalf: Am I current? Am I doing everything I can to keep the company protected? If not, where (or who) are the risks?

Employee Handbook Documentation Dashboard


Every employee now has a risk rating, and all those ratings contribute to an overall risk mitigation grade. If everyone has signed the latest signature round, you get an A+. If employees haven’t signed, you get points when you’ve made sure they know about the handbook and when they view it.

Look for the dashboard to get improved and tweaked over time!

Multiple Signatures How-To

Handbook Multiple Signatures

Starting a new signature round during the publishing process.

You can create a new signature round from within your existing publishing flow or from within your Documentation Center. For the latter, choose “New Signature Round” from the Bulk Actions menu.

What’s Next

The last few updates have focused on your ability to keep your company protected. The next few updates will switch gears to the other half: showing employees you care. Stay tuned!


Tom O'Dea

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