Pick 6: The Best Resources to Help You Write Policies and Procedures

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Want to pick the brains of other HR professionals? We’ve done it for you by compiling a list of the top six resources to help you write handbook policies and procedures. Click away!

  1. Blissbook: How to Write Policies and Procedures Guide
    Well, look who’s first! We’re trying to make HR easier, one handbook at a time. After many conversations, we’ve created an expansive resource to help you write policies and procedures. It runs the entire gamut, starting with pre-planning and ending with how to communicate your handbook launch – with a lot of value in between. 

  2. Gusto: The Ultimate Employee Handbook Guide
    This guide from Gusto includes the full life-cycle of the handbook writing process, from why it’s needed to how to distribute your final product. The 54-page resource is part workbook and even includes an image of an aardvark. You know you’re curious.

  3. Square: Employee Handbooks – How to Write One and What to Include
    New to the policies and procedures world? Consider reading Square’s easy to digest how-to guide. If you’re starting from scratch, it might be the perfect introduction; it’s not too overwhelming, but it hits on the big-picture considerations.

  4. The Hartford: The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Employee Handbook
    Uh oh. Now there are two ultimate guides. What do we do?! The Hartford breaks the creation process down nicely, including must-have content, how to get started, and even how to make the content more readable – or dare we say enjoyable.

  5. SHRM: How to Develop an Employee Handbook
    This resource from SHRM is your cut and dry handbook development guide. Compliance centered with no frills, SHRM’s nine-step process leads you through handbook creation from 50,000 feet. Bonus: It ends with a sample outline of policies, which can help you turn that blank page into a to-do list. 

  6. Blissbook: How to Write a Culture-First Employee Handbook
    Funny seeing you here! This guide helps you put the “human” in “human resources”. If you want to create a positive and meaningful employee handbook, this one’s for you. We researched, chatted with experts, and used our own years of experience to develop this guide to writing culture-first HR policies.

We’re here when you’re ready to get this policies and procedures party poppin’! Say that five times fast.

Drew Dotson

Drew Dotson

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