How to Write Policies and Procedures, Part 5: The Method for Your Madness

Although we saved this topic for last, it’s arguably one of the most important handbook decisions you’ll make. Before you’re buried in policies and procedures, be sure you’ve nailed down your handbook delivery method. Your chosen distribution channel will change the way you present content to your audience, so it’s important to know before you start writing.

Electronic mail? Interesting.

If your handbook will delivered in a printed format, include information like your company name, logo, chapter titles, page numbers, and other metadata such as version and publish dates at the beginning of each policy or even on every page. You never know who will stumble upon it and when. (Note: You should also consider a time machine since paper is so 1990s.)

Electronic Document / PDF
If distributing the handbook electronically, link to a document instead of attaching it to an email. Although the document itself will be static, a link can ensure that employees are always accessing the most up-to-date version. You’ll still need to communicate to employees when changes are made, but this eliminates some of the issues that accompany printed documents. Since employees will view the document on a computer, you can incorporate links to other files or resources. Take advantage!

Employee Handbook or Policy Management Software
This is the recommended form of delivery, as it’s efficient, reduces risk, and provides the best employee experience. Plus, depending on the software you choose, you can use video, gifs, read-more buttons, or other design elements to make your policies less of a drag for employees to read and sign (electronically, we hope).

If you haven’t already, take a look at our checklist of to-dos related to each delivery method.

Late to the game? This is the final post of our five-part series, but you can always go back to the beginning.

Drew Dotson

Drew Dotson

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